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The Art House strives to encourage individual creativity through a hands-on exploration of the creative process. We offer classes to adults, children, and families year round, releasing a calendar of classes three times per year. Classes range from bread and pizza making in the Backyard Kitchen to botanical illustration in the classroom. For a listing of classes, click on the categories above to see our current offerings.

The Children's Scholarship Fund is a pool of money reserved for children under 18 to assist in paying for a class. Children or parents fill out the scholarship form to request a scholarship. No child will be turned away, and scholarships range from partial to full. The money in the fund is comprised of grants from Concept2, money raised by the Homeschool Art Group, and private donations. The Art House asks that families who draw from the scholarship fund do something to help replenish it. This could be volunteering a couple hours, helping with or contributing to the annual yard sale, or somehow being involved to help out. For more information on the scholarship fund, or to make a contribution to the fund, please contact Sarah Mutrux at

Price Structure
The Art House strives to make our classes as affordable as possible. That means different things to different people, and our scholarship fund is available to make the children's classes available to all children. Our goal is to have each class cost no more than $15 per two hour class session. This is a goal we hope to reach in the future. The formula we use to calculate the price of our classes takes into account the overhead expenses of the organization, the artist teaching the class, the materials needed for the class, and the number of students.

(Overhead + Artist's fee + Materials)/minimum number of students = Class Fee

Artists's fees vary depending on the experience level of the teacher. The Art House generally pays artists $20/hour for their teaching and prep time, but some artists come to us with a complete class package--materials, handouts, and a long history of teaching the class--and charge a set rate for teaching that class. Other teachers might volunteer their time to support The Art House. For this reason, you see our prices fluctuate. 

If you would like to take a class, but the class fee is not within your budget, please contact Sarah Mutrux to discuss the possibilities. 

The Art House is proud to offer classes taught by experienced, talented Vermont artists. Our teachers hold degrees in their field, have extensive teaching experience, and love sharing their skills with their students. We also welcome community members in as teachers. The Art House model encourages friends and neighbors to share their creative skills with each other, and anyone who has a class proposal and can apply to teach a class and share their knowledge with those who want to learn. 

Alyssa DeLaBruere
is a local artist, educator, and mother of 
three who has made the Northeast Kingdom her home for over 20 years. After many years of teaching art both privately and at United Christian Academy in Newport, Alyssa has now opened her own "atelier" or artist's workshop in Newport. An accomplished painter (acrylic, watercolor, and silk) and teacher of fine art, art history, and elementary education, Alyssa is excited to offer the community a wide variety of art classes in various mediums for budding artist's of all ages from beginner to advanced. Alyssa attended the University of Vermont where she studied fine art and art history, then continued her education further at Johnson State College where she obtained duel certification in both elementary and art education. 

Alyssa is passionate about sharing her love for art and artists, nurturing the creative talents of others at any stage in life. In the summer of 2012, Alyssa had the opportunity to attend "Les Tapies", an art teacher's workshop in the South of France sponsored by TASIS, the American School in Switzerland. In the summer of 2013 and 2014, she was honored to be returning to Les Tapies as a guest artist and instructor of drawing and painting. Being a teaching artist, Alyssa finds her greatest joy in sharing her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for art with those around her....creativity is contagious, catch it!

Education: BA – Fine Art/Art History Univ. of Vermont. Masters in Education – Elementary Ed/Art Ed. – Johnson State College.

Experience: I teach fine art (K-12) at United Christian Academy in Newport. I also have my own teaching studio, Atelier Art Studio, where I teach classes in a variety of mediums from PreK to adult.

From the Artist: "Originally from Michigan, I came to Vermont in 1989 to attend UVM and quickly found myself in awe of the natural beauty of Vermont, especially the Northeast Kingdom. This love of the landscape has molded the direction of my work for the last 20+ years as I try to truly capture the essence of the rugged yet tranquil surroundings. A painter at heart, as a teacher I have explored many media, rising to the challenges and delving in with enthusiasm. Some I’ve found a passion for, others I’ve learned to appreciate. This way I am always a student, as well as a teacher and continue to learn and grow in the arts."

Susan Sawyer
lives in South Woodbury and works as an artist, educator, naturalist, and biological illustrator. She is a senior staff member of the Four Winds Nature Institute, and was for many years on the faculty of Union Institute & University's undergraduate program. She's curious, loves a puzzle, and believes that observation and imagination are the beginning of both science and art.

Education: BA in graphics and natural history from New College, Sarasota, Florida. MFA in visual art from Vermont College, Montpelier. Diploma in botanical art from the Society of Botanical Artists, London.

Experience: Vermont College, Union Institute and University, the Wooden Boat School, the New England Environmental Education Association conferences, St. Michael’s College, Studio Place Arts, the Art House, and elementary schools around the state.

Gabe Tempesta
lives and works in the Northeast Kingdom as an artist and landscaper. He grew up in Wolcott, Vermont, and returned here after college. Gabe has been “painting” with charcoal as his primary medium for the last five years. He is interested in the way charcoal and water react and mix on different surfaces and is always experimenting with this process. He uses brushes to lay on the charcoal, then the charcoal is scratched or lifted off with tools and erasers to get the fine detail and is sealed with an archival poly-crylic coating to protect it.

Gabe is influenced by photography and mostly use his own photos for reference in his paintings. That they often look like black and white photographs is not intentional but arises out of his adherence to the photographic image in his artistic process. He use the camera as a sketch tool and starts the painting process once he has chosen the photo he wants to work from using charcoal and a paintbrush instead of a printer or darkroom.

Education: BA Visual Arts from Montserrat College of Art.

Experience: Gabe has taught classes in his charcoal technique, watercolor, and acrylics at Studio Place Arts in Barre, River Arts in Morrisville, and The Art House in Craftsbury.

From the Artist: "Spending my formative years in the Vermont landscape has deeply influenced my painting. I am moved by the visual poetry in the trees and fields that surround me and look to capture and celebrate that with my artwork. I explore the landscape every day, seeking and always finding great inspiration."

Sarah Mutrux  
is one of the founding members of the organization. In addition to her administrative duties which keep the place running, Sarah enjoys teaching several classes throughout the year. After graduating from Marlboro College in 2005, Sarah returned to Craftsbury to work illustrating books for children. She completed an internship with RavenMark Designs in Montpelier and continued to do freelance graphic design work, helping local authors publish their own books. When The Art House opened in 2009, Sarah invested herself in curating the gallery, organizing classes, and leaned heavily into the mission of the organization. She is now pursuing her graduate degree in Managing Mission Driven Organizations (MDO) at Marlboro College. 

Education: BA Visual Arts and Creative Writing, Marlboro College, 2005. Certificate in Non-Profit Management, Marlbroro Graduate School, 2010. 

Experience: Sarah has designed and taught several courses at The Art House, including Introduction to Watercolor, Silkscreening, Illustrating Books for Children, and year long art courses for homeschool children. She was the Site Coordinator for the REACH! afterschool program in Craftsbury, leading grades K-4 in creative workshops including Caution: Wet Paint! and grades 5-8 in an exploration of graffiti and street art. She teaches a youth painting camp in the summer. 

From the Artist: "I believe that art expands our horizons and teaches us to think and analyze the world around us. When we can look at a piece of art and accept it for what it is, ask questions about it, and learn something from it we will be able to do the same with unfamiliar things in our lives. Experiencing art can make us more accepting, peaceful, and intelligent."

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